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We specialize in aspects of fish taxidermy, so whether you are in need of a conventional (skin) mount, a replica of your released fish or restoration to an old mount, you have come to the right place.

T&A Fish Taxidermy was born in 1998 and located in East Mesa, Arizona. It was then that I began to blend my love of fishing with the artistic skills that I possessed. I was self taught using the information gained from books and a video on my own specimens until late in 2002.

At that time I traveled to Pennsylvania to be taught by Gary Bruch, Jr., who went on to become the 2005 World Champion in warm water fish. He opened my eyes to a multitude of new methods and tools. This training also taught me to learn from the fish and not from other people’s mounts.

The work immediately improved, and continues to improve with each fish that is completed here. As I see more fish, I learn more about them. To recreate anything with much success, one must spend considerable effort studying it. There seems to be something that is unique about each fish, and it is that characteristic that I try to capture on our finished fish mounts.

As my work improves, I realize that I will be a better taxidermist tomorrow than I am today. If I get the opportunity to preserve your trophy today, my number one goal is your satisfaction. No fish leaves the shop with an unhappy client. I will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face as you remember your special day on the water.

I also stay on the cutting edge of technology and equipment by attending several conventions and competitions each year. We have family memberships in the Arizona, New Mexico and California state chapters, and Lifetime membership in the National Taxidermy Association. The information gained from the seminars led by this industry’s elite is invaluable to any level of wildlife artist. If you don’t bring your fish to me, do yourself a favor and bring it to someone who attends and competes in the conventions.

This endeavor has become a family affair, as my son Codey is an active participant in the shop as well as in the shows.

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