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We specialize in all aspects of fish taxidermy. Whether you are in of a conventional (skin) mount, a replica of your released fish, or a restoration to an old or damaged piece, you have come to the right place.



T&A Fish Taxidermy was born in 1998 when I decided to blend my love of fishing and the artistic skills that I possessed. I was taught via books and a video in the early stages, and then attended my first convention in 2001.  My work immediately improved after this as I met and became friends with some of the greatest fish taxidermists on the planet. Through one on one instruction, judging and critiquing my work, and other random discussions with these gentlemen, I was able to get better with each piece. 


I try to stay on the cutting edge of technology by attending several conventions each year, where the latest and greatest products and techniques are showcased.  If you should choose to take your fish elsewhere, I strongly suggest that you do yourself a favor and go to a taxidermist that also competes and attends these conventions. 


As I see more fish, I learn more about them. To recreate anything with much success, one must spend considerable time studying it. The more I am able to study and as my work improves, I know that I will be a better taxidermist tomorrow than I am today. My goal is your total satisfaction, and I strive to have no piece leave the shop without this.


World Taxidermy Championships
2022 - Best in World (Reptile, Amphibian)

2019 - 3rd in World (Cold Water Fish)


2019 Arizona Taxidermy Association

  • Breakthrough Award for Judge's Choice Best of Show

  • State Champion for Fish 

  • Polytranspar Award for Best Painted Fish

  • WASCO Award for Most Artistic Entry

  • McKenzie's Award for Taxidermist's Choice Best Fish

  • Winner of the Fish Species Challenge-Rainbow Trout

2019 New Mexico Taxidermy Association

  • State Champion for Fish 

  • Polytranspar Award for Best Painted Fish

  • Van Dyke's Award for Most Unique and Creative Entry

  • McKenzie's Award for Taxidermist's Choice Best Fish

  • Overall Runner-up 

2019 North Carolina Taxidermy Association

  • State Champion for Fish Polytranspar

  • Award for Best Painted Fish

  • Woody Award for Runner-up overall

Laptop pic.jpg

We place your best pics on the laptop and paint as close as we can to achieve the best end result.

2007 National Champion

  • Breakthrough Award: Judges Choice for Best of Show

  • Multiple WASCO awards: Most artistic entry

  • Multiple Van Dyke Supply awards:
    Most original and creative presentation

  • Multiple Polytranspar awards: Best painted fish

  • Multiple Starfish awards: Best replica fish

  • Multiple McKenzie Best Fish Trophies:
    Taxidermist choice best fish

  • Multiple Mike Goodart Taxidermy Challenge Winner: Highest 4 piece collective score

  • Multiple Best of Category designation for both fish and replica reptiles

  • Multiple first, second and third place ribbons at state, regional and national levels.

  • National Taxidermy Association Certified Taxidermist

  • National Taxidermy Association Award of Excellence

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Medallion 2022.jpg
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Terry Johnson

National Certified Taxidermist


556 N. 104th Place • Mesa, Arizona

Cell (480) 748-3664

Tucson drop off service available.

** Hours by Appointment Only **



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